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Postby CorrinAnders on Thu Oct 23, 2008 4:04 pm

<<<We at TNC have been pleased to see a steady stream of new players joining the game. We've also noticed that a growing number of these new players are visually impaired. As such, the game is soliciting opinions and suggestions on how to make the game more easily accessible. If you have any such ideas, please e-mail them to ACCESS@THE-NIGHT.COM.

We have designated guide Corrin Anders to take charge of this initiative by compiling and reviewing these suggestions, as well as holding discussions with the player base on this topic. Thank you.>>>

For those of you with ideas, i would be willing to hear them to help improve the quality of the game. Either ASSIST in the game or email me with anything, even at it's smallest it could help those have a better time here in TNC.
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